Friday 23 Aug 2019 | 14:27 | SYDNEY
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  • 23 Aug 2019 12:00

    A middle-power moment

    Countries banding together in a multilateral response to great-power competition seems to be on the way up.

  • 23 Aug 2019 06:00

    Modi vs Wild: Political survivor

    The Indian PM goes to extremes to show off his fearlessness – and to run away from an avalanche of controversy.

  • 22 Aug 2019 14:00

    Australia in the Gulf: The order-based rules

    Scott Morrison backed the Iran nuclear deal to reinforce “the rules-based international system”, only to be Trumped.

Hervé Lemahieu 's picture
People | experts Hervé Lemahieu
Director, Asian Power and Diplomacy Program
Lowy Institute
Hervé Lemahieu 's picture
Areas of ExpertiseGlobal politics; Geo-economics; Indo-Pacific diplomacy and security; Southeast Asian politics; Myanmar; Thailand

Hervé Lemahieu is Director of the Asian Power and Diplomacy Program at the Lowy Institute in Sydney. 

His work analyses and quantifies shifts in the geo-economics, military balance, and diplomatic networks of Asia. Among other projects, Hervé leads the research for the annual Asia Power Index – launched by the Institute in 2018 – which is a data-driven assessment he developed to map the changing distribution of power in the region.

His other interests include the politics and history of Thailand and Myanmar. He also co-chairs the annual track 1.5 Australia–France Strategic Dialogue.

Hervé joined Lowy from the London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies where he was Research Associate for Political Economy and Security specialising in Southeast Asia. In an earlier role at Oxford Analytica he consulted on early warning and geopolitical risk for governments and international organisations.

Hervé has an MSc in Global Governance and Diplomacy from the University of Oxford, and an MA with first-class honours in International Relations and Modern History from the University of St Andrews.

His commentary and analysis have appeared in a number of media outlets and publications, including the BBC, Bloomberg, CNN, Financial TimesForeign PolicyThe Straits TimesSouth China Morning Post, and Nikkei Asian Review.

The Lowy Institute acknowledges the support of the Australian Government for the Engaging Asia Project.