Tuesday 19 Feb 2019 | 05:14 | SYDNEY
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Collision at sea

The US Navy’s mastery of engineering has long been a strength for the navy, but the requirement for all its line officers to spend time as platform engineers at sea may be at the expense of seamanship and navigation.

Taiwan's navy feels the pressure as China rises

Taiwan lives every day with the threat posed by the increasingly capable armed forces of the People's Republic of China (PRC). The Taiwanese Navy in particular has to consider both the prospect of a direct attack on the main island and the potential interdiction of its shipping, a critical problem

Four myths about Australian naval shipbuilding

In light of the new surface warship construction program announced by Prime Minister Abbott in Adelaide last week, some misconceptions need to be dispelled. First is the idea that, under the Government's new plans, the ANZAC class frigates will be replaced well before their due date. The first ANZAC

China's navy showing its inexperience on the open oceans

The US Navy has formed the view that the November 2013 incident between the American cruiser Cowpens and the Chinese carrier group arose directly from the PLA Navy's lack of experience with oceanic operations and the formal and informal rules which govern interactions between foreign navies. That's

Considering Indonesia's boundaries

Media reports of the Royal Australian Navy and Customs and Border Protection Service's recent breaches of Indonesia's territorial waters contain little detail of the actual transgressions, but it is most likely that they result from confusion over the way in which those waters are defined. Under