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Allan Behm

Allan Behm specialises in political and security risk evaluation, policy analysis and development, and negotiating the policy/politics interface.

He held senior positions in the Attorney-General’s Department and in the Department of Defence. He was Chief of Staff to Greg Combet from 2009 to 2013, and more recently senior advisor to Senator Penny Wong. 

He has a significant publishing record in academic and professional journals, and is a respected commentator in both the electronic and print media.  His book No, Minister remains a “go to” text for those who are interested in leadership, political management, policy development and reform.

He was the inaugural Chair of the Canberra Writers Festival, and remains on the Board. He is also on the Board of FearLess Outreach, a not-for-profit organisation to support people living with PTSD, both those with the disorder and their families, and of the Centre for Ethics in National Security.

Articles by Allan Behm (4)

  • Houses divided

    In Australia – and in a world in thrall to populists – political and business elites need to talk to each other.
  • Chilcot: Intelligence, policy and war

    Sir John Chilcot’s report had an impressively long gestation. The eventual release of 12 volumes totalling over two and a half million words amounts to a comprehensive indictment of British Prime Minister Blair’s unilateral decision to support the US invasion of Iraq in 2003.
  • Bull, red or otherwise: What Greg Sheridan gets wrong about religion, war and Duncan Lewis

    Is Red Bull the beverage of choice down at News Limited? Greg Sheridan's excited commentary on ASI0 Director-General Duncan Lewis's interview with Samantha Maiden might suggest that stimulants have an impact on the interface between reason and the written word. The introductory sentence of his opinion piece in The Australian today displays a level of hyperbole that transcends Mr Sheridan's standard offering.
  • A larger Australia: Situation, size and strategy

    This is the fifth in a series of posts marking the launch  of A Larger Australia, the book of the 2015 Boyer Lectures, by Lowy Institute Executive Director Michael Fullilove. Australians have never really come to terms with the fact that we are the world's only continental nation.