Friday 22 Feb 2019 | 12:46 | SYDNEY
Friday 22 Feb 2019 | 12:46 | SYDNEY

The election, from overseas



14 August 2013 09:51

    Below, a collection of links to international coverage of the Australian elections. As you will see, most media outlets rely on news agencies like Reuters, AP and AFP to provide coverage, and the emphasis tends to be on scandals, gaffes and 'colour'.

    • BBC Sydney correspondent Jon Donnison is following the election closely.
    • The Wall St Journal Asia looks at the marginal seats (subscription reqd).
    • There was, of course, wide international coverage of the gaffe by One Nation's candidate for Rankin, who referred to Islam 'as country' and stated that Jewish people 'have their own religion which follows Jesus Christ'. 
    • International coverage too for Abbott's 'suppository' gaffe and the Jaymes Diaz media meltdown.
    • Indian website DaijiWorld reports on Shilpa Hegde, an Australian of Mangalorean descent, who is running as the Liberal candidate in the electorate of Wills. The article does not mention that Wills is one of the safest Labor seats in the country.
    • A quick search suggests the extent of the NY Times' coverage thus far is a single piece on the debate. Not much in the Washington Post either.
    • In Asia, Singapore's Straits Times is running wire stories only, as is the South China Morning Post, the Jakarta Post and Jakarta Globe.
    • Both Rudd and Abbott have been profiled by the UK's Daily Telegraph.
    • CNN reports on Rudd and Abbott's views of China: 'Where Abbott is comfortable with U.S. primacy and policy, Rudd argues that it is up to both China and the United States to take the lead in creating a more integrated, secure and prosperous Asia-Pacific.'
    • Finally, The Daily Show:

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