Monday 18 Feb 2019 | 19:48 | SYDNEY
Monday 18 Feb 2019 | 19:48 | SYDNEY

Migration and border policy links: Manus, labour migration and more

A funeral for 26 migrant women and girls who drowned attempting to cross the Mediterranean, November 2017 (Photo: Ivan Romano/Getty Images)



23 November 2017 15:58

  • As a PNG police operation at the Manus Island detention centre continues, the UNHCR Regional Representative in Canberra has urged the Australian government's to take ongoing responsibility for refugees and asylum seekers on the island.
  • Linda Bartolomei and Eileen Pittaway explain why the international protection system is failing refugee women and girls.
  • Last week, Italy held a funeral for 26 Nigerian women and girls who died while trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Writing for the Kaldor Centre, Elizabeth Ferris discusses barriers to the formation of the Global Compact on Refugees.
  • The Center for Global Development's Kathleen Newland has published a policy paper outlining US initiatives that have drawn on the links between migration and development.
  • The World Bank has released a report detailing the interaction between internal mobility and state borders in India.
  • The Institute for Human Rights and Business has published a report on labour migrant recruitment fees and the implementation of the 'Employer Pays Principle' within six multinational companies.
  • A recent survey has revealed the systemic exploitation of backpackers, foreign students and temporary migrants by Australian employers.
  • Writing for Border Criminologies, Ana Aliverti discusses the merits the nationality provisions in the UK Policing and Crime Act 2017.

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